World Expo

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Expos create a global stage for the world to exhibit solutions to global challenges.

Since the Great Exhibition of 1851 in London, Expos have been a platform to showcase ideas, innovation and inspiration to human kind and now it has evolved into being a platform that hosts inspiring ideas of progress, education and innovation that connects governments and civil society to create the future. The key idea of achieving a sustainable future is addressed through innovative solutions.

Over past decades, Expos have been an impetus of change that promotes education, innovation and cooperation.

This display of products can be traced back to the 15th century and starting 18th century people began to adopt the true sense of an exhibition by showcasing their products and craftmanship without selling them. The World Expo in its modern sense originated during the mid-19th century and has evolved from being focused on human development to innovation and sustainability.

The First World Expo took place in London where they exhibited new production technologies and life concepts. This is where the global interest of exchanging technologies, ideas and culture began. This was followed by Expos in the United States of America, France and Vienna. During this era, the World Expos highlighted the latest inventions and achievements of industrial civilization.

During the 20th century, the World Expos moved away from being ‘technocentric’ and started to focus on human and cultural conditions. The peak of all Expos in the 20thcentury was the 1900 Paris Universal Expo, which was regarded as the “overview of a century”.

World Expo envisions a Sustainable Future

Expo is a platform where global vision is turned into reality and acts as a fulcrum of inspiration to the global audience. The vision is to optimize the human potential for global progress and dialogue. It leaves behind an urban legacy to internationally inspire social, cultural and economic development of the future.