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Thailand uses Flower Garland to welcome the world at Expo 2020

Thailand at Expo 2020 has incorporated the Thai flower garland in the pavilion design. The flower garland is a symbol of luck, respect and warm hospitality. This is a flower that you will surely not miss if you visit Thailand as you will see this almost everywhere.

Pavilion is inspired by the Thai flower garland and this will be showcased on the exterior of the structure. Each of the blossoms on the outside of the pavilion are weaved to build an exterior fa├žade and this is meant to embrace all the Expo visitors. Thai flowers will be engraved by the visitors that will bloom in the desert garden. As the Thailand pavilion is located in the Mobility District, the concept of flowers is used to represent endless mobility from its creation and dispersal of pollen.

The importance of flower garland was also reflected in the groundbreaking ceremony for Thailand Pavilion at Expo 2020.

Thailand aims to greet the world at Expo 2020 with its culture of warmth and hospitality as it is truly reflected in the pavilion design and the use of flower garland.