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Expo 2020 hosts Virtual International Participants Meeting

International Participants Meeting (IPM) hosts 190 countries that show their support and commitment towards the success of next World Expo.

Due to the current Covid-19 situation globally and travel restrictions, this time the International Participants were unable to come together for this event. For the fifth IPM all the nations connected virtually from 24th – 27th August, 2020 for updates on the upcoming phase of Expo 2020 projects i.e. site operations, facilities management, Expo events and programming calendar, marketing, communications and media services.

The participants were encouraged for global cooperation and progress for Expo 2020 programmes to tackle the existing challenges and shape a better future. Expo 2020 has taken a strong approach towards the challenges imposed by Covid-19 on site projects and showed rapid progress in overcoming these challenges and commitment towards executing the world’s greatest show.

Connecting the world virtually for this IPM was a reassuring platform hosted by the key leaders of this platform that we have a plan and direction to achieve the success of our projects. Insightful information as a part of various sessions was provided for the upcoming stages for the International Participants so they can plan their participation at Expo 2020 more efficiently and execute the next World Expo successfully.