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Discover the Future at Uzbekistan Pavilion Expo 2020

Uzbekistan Pavilion will occupy 1,739 sqm at Expo 2020. It will bring visitors to a journey through the gems of Silk Road leading to the global future. Uzbekistan coveys to the world that this is where the world connects and moves towards the future.

The 3 elliptical structures are inspired by the 3 dots on the Tamerlane flag and signify the 3 main cities of the Great Silk Road i.e. Bukhara, Khiva and Samarkand. The importance of Silk Road through the rich history, culture, present day advancements and towards the global future will be the key elements of the journey. The visitors will walk through the gems of the past to the success of the present day modern Uzbekistan and towards the future promise of endless opportunities. Showcasing this as a global space through the routes of Silk Road where minds and people connect for future opportunities.

It will be a journey for visitors to discover the modern day Uzbekistan and endless opportunities that it has to offer for the global economy with thriving industries. It will showcase the crucial input of Uzbekistan for future trade investments and economics being at the center of the world through the Silk Road.

Uzbekistan Pavilion will contribute to the Expo 2020 journey for visitors. The Pavilion is currently underway the construction phase and is taking shape to deliver the traditional yet futuristic display of Uzbekistan for the global audience.