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Architect, Robert Gitgano commenced his architectural studies at Cebu Institute of Technology. His architect journey started from an apprenticeship at a firm in Philippines, where he decided to take this journey abroad. Working as an architect in Dubai since 2004, Robert has become a truly inspired architect in a city that is full of modern architectural vision. Dubai is a city that has seen a rapid change in architecture and this is where one can push boundaries to build iconic buildings. He began to work as an architect in Dubai in areas like design, interior design firms, architecture, developer and finally in the direction of architect for exhibitions and events including temporary and permanent structures.

Robert’s first ever design at an exhibition for Omnivat was awarded the Best Stand during Dubai Cityscape 2009. His first chalet design for Mabadala was awarded the Best Stand Design during Airshow 2011. Moreover, he designed the Abu Dhabi Tourism stand and awarded the best stand ITB Berlin 2018.

One of his biggest projects that remain close to heart is the permanent construction project of the new OP3 office building. This project has added to the modern urban landscape of Dubai and showcases modern spatial concepts and dynamism. The building is inspired by the basic geometry of a triangle that symbolizes the OP3 brand. By simply connecting the 3 dots you create dynamic lines translated into functional spaces creating a positive energy of space.

His work is surely inspired by remarkable architecture around the world along with his passion to travel the world. Robert continues to inspire with his creativity and vision for architectural landscapes.